Red X Labs, TestoXterone, Muscle Builder, Steroid Alternative
TestoXterone: bodybuilding supplement, steroid alternative from Red X Labs
TestoXterone: bodybuilding supplement, steroid alternative from Red X Labs
TestoXterone: bodybuilding supplement, steroid alternative from Red X Labs
TestoXterone: bodybuilding supplement, steroid alternative from Red X Labs
TestoXterone: bodybuilding supplement, steroid alternative from Red X Labs

The Two Most Powerful “Naturally-Occurring" Anabolics...

Now You Will “Trigger” Massive Amounts Of Muscle Producing Testosterone
While You Saturate Your Cells With Muscle Activating Oxygen!

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No Other “Legal Anabolic” Has Ever Come So Close To Matching The Powerful Myogenic Effects Of Anabolic Steroids.

You already know the abundant effects of Testosterone... those of us over 40 know it all too well through the process of elimination! But read this important message now and see what happens when you take a powerful Testosterone based anabolic and “stack it” with natures’ number 2 anabolic agent… Oxygen!

First and foremost, knowing the “benies” of triggering testosterone production is key to understanding how this new hardcore anabolic works so well. Not to mention why all the “others” are so dangerous!

So, for those of you who already know this, just bare with me for a moment.

The human body is an extremely complex organism. And every second of every day, your body is constantly adjusting to its internal environment to keep a natural balance. And it does this through automatic biological feedback processes that you have no control over. When you get cold, you shiver… and no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop it.

This balance is called homeostasis… keeping your body in a state of homeostasis while building muscle almost guarantees that your gains will be solid, lean and functional.

TestoXterone is the first ever homeostatic testosterone booster.

Way back in the 1850’s Franz Leydig discovered a group of cells within the testes that release a class of hormones called androgens (19-carbon steroids). He proved that they unload testosterone after being stimulated by luteinizing hormone (LH). Now, called “Leydig cells”, they are an integral part of nearly every study on men and testosterone.

scientists working to create steroid alternatives.

For The First Time Ever, A Product Designed to Promote Testosterone and Oxygen… the two most powerful, naturally occurring anabolics.

The researchers at Red X Labs designed TestoXterone to work through this same “natural” pathway. They believe that if you can “trigger” your testes to produce more testosterone by working through LH, you ensure that you are keeping the other feedback systems in check as well.

And this is important because when your natural hormone feedback systems get out of balance… that’s when side effects set in. Just whisper the words “hormone imbalance” to any woman in her late 50’s… you’ll see what I mean.

To understand how important homeostasis is, you should first understand that misuse of synthetic testosterone can lead to cruel side effects. The scariest “sides” are those related to the interruption of the natural testosterone production cycle… this can lead directly to the inhibition of the leydig cells in your testes. In other words, it will “shut down your nuts!” and it’s all because your homeostasis is all messed up!

You don’t have to have to be a “guru” to figure out… this is BAD! When you use synthetic test, “The boys” stop producing natural testosterone and atrophy (shrinking) sets in, your tolerance levels go up forcing you to need a higher dose of the hardcore anabolics to get any results at all… but it gets even worse because this is the same process that can trigger higher estrogen levels. Estrogen has its benefits (even in men). But, too much estrogen can lead to gynecomastia or “Bitch Tits” and believe me, YOU DON’T WANT THAT! Most of these sides go away or subside with time, but the only way to get rid of “gyno” is cosmetic surgery… period!

So finding an effective compound that has strong testosterone inducing properties and still doesn’t “shut down your nuts” is the key to unleashing super effective muscle growth and avoiding the estrogen related sides. And this is exactly what TestoXterone does.

Adding the Oxygen component to the mix will literally supercharge the already powerful effects of testosterone!

Testing the effectiveness of TestoXterone requires this kind of lab work.

Oxygen utilization and VO2 Max testing in progress..

Now let’s discuss this important second element in TestoXterone that unlocks massive myogenic effects.

I know you are going to kick yourself when you read this. But please, don’t beat yourself up too much.

Being a hardcore bodybuilder, you do everything you can to get and hold on to that anabolic edge. You probably have massive amounts of high quality protein stashed in your kitchen… you know all about pre and post workout nutrition and I’m sure you have your vitamins and minerals all stocked up… yet we continue to neglect the number one factor that limits our ability to perform!

For The First Time Ever, A Product Designed to Promote Testosterone and Oxygen… the two most powerful, naturally occurring anabolics.

You can’t deny the importance of oxygen. You can go without food and water for days. Go without oxygen, on the other hand, and you are dead in minutes! Oxygen is the key to life. It accounts for 90% of your energy. Food and water account for only 10%!

When you’re muscles run low on oxygen, fatigue sets in, your heart pumps harder and eventually you are out of breath, weak and discouraged.

“…raising the level of oxygen saturation in your blood cells should be a focus of every athlete in every sport!”

What’s more, when you look at it from a purely “scientific standpoint”, what separates the elite athletes from everyone else has nothing to do with their muscular development; it nearly always comes down to their ability to utilize oxygen. It’s about muscle stamina… and the reduction of muscle fatigue.

And I don’t have to tell you… this is the same thing that separates the winners from the losers in EVERY SPORT! It nearly always comes down to the final round, the final quarter, the last 100 meters or the last shot….

And when you’re an elite bodybuilder, it’s no different. Increasing muscle size has less to do with the amount of weight you push and more to do with the volume of training you do. To build massive muscles, you need to train with incredibly high volume! Four to five sets in the rep-range of 12-15 that produce vein popping pumps. If you have no muscle stamina, you simply cannot train effectively at the volume it takes to make strides in the gym.
Oxygen utilization and VO2 Max testing in progress.

The most effective stage of training is that “fourth quarter” of your routine… that is when you are recruiting the most muscle fibers and stimulating massive amounts of new muscle growth. This is truly when you “separate the men from the boys”… How well do your muscles perform toward the end of your workout?

Very few people have an amazing natural ability to utilize oxygen. The rest of us have to work at it. Elite endurance athletes understand this all too well… it’s no secret that Lance Armstrong trained at altitude in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado… but do you know why? The oxygen levels are lower at higher elevations. Training in oxygen depleted air forces your body to adapt and utilize oxygen more efficiently. After you train your body to utilize oxygen better (like training at higher altitudes), performing at sea level is like running with an oxygen mask on!

This is the strong secondary anabolic focus of TestoXterone… to put your body in a state of “Oxygen Saturation” and help prevent “Oxygen Depletion”.

TestoXterone has a unique ability to help your body utilize the oxygen more efficiently. More oxygen means more energy, a faster metabolism, improved stamina, more confidence, more power, increased strength, and you guessed it... Massive Muscle Growth!

This is why the theory of Nitric Oxide products works so well. The main role of Nitric Oxide supplements is to act as a vasodialator… in essence, dilating or relaxing the blood vessels so they can carry more blood to the muscles. It’s like putting on larger fuel lines in your car to allow more gas to flow in… only your “engine” (the muscle itself) doesn’t get choked off by the massive blast of “fuel” (your blood) like you car would. Instead, the muscle expands and gets bigger and you feel an amazing muscle pump!

Now, add TextoXterone to the mix… Not only are you flooding your muscles with massive amounts of blood, you are now flooding it with the super “oxygen saturated” blood! You are essentially “supercharging” your blood cells.

So call today and order your bottle of TestoXterone. Better yet, order a potent Nitric Oxide booster and stack them together! The result will be a dense, powerful, bulky mass agent that has a strong impact on reducing muscle fatigue. You’ll no longer DREAD the “Fourth Quarter”… in fact, you’ll welcome it right along with all that new muscle growth.

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Duncan Chase
Product Specialist
Red X Labs R&D Team

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TestoXterone: bodybuilding supplement, steroid alternative from Red X LabsTestoXterone: bodybuilding supplement, steroid alternative from Red X Labs
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